update archive!

FEB 25 2024: reevaluted how i plan to implement the extras and started up one of those pages :) making good progress on the to-do!

FEB 24 2024: just got home from a big trip and got done with some . situationation things for later this year. yay for being responsible! added a new blog entry. happy to be back :)

JAN 19 2024: updated the layout to the home page! trying to make it a little more my own. added to-do. planning the directory and extras pages but those are currently defunct. on the to-do. also writing 2 new blog posts :) dw i didn't forget abt that

DEC 31 2023:
1. praise the lord
2. break the law
3. take whats mine
4. take some more

DEC 28 2023: COMMENTS WORK BAAABEEYY!!! - after much struggle and strife (sending an email 4 help). PLEASE check out ayano's site and work its all very cool and you TOO can get comment section features that aren't third party and ugly (unless you want them to be ugly. css editable!). you can find those right now on the last two entries, and i'll add em to any new ones. yay!

DEC 25 2023: MERRY YAOIMAS!!!! i've been in the mines with school and work and projects but am currently reformatting a few things! i also added comment features to the last two blog entries (and will to the upcoming ones, god willing), but i'm not entirely sure if they work yet. feel free to go leave one! if you want to add the same system to your site, you can here! i'm thinking about learning a little JS to make a few web games to have on here. we will see how that goes. i hope ur holidays are good!!! i gifted myself a kyocera digno keitai 3 (903kc) because i'd like to stop relying on a smartphone. will update how that goes! if anyone has links to cute stickers or charms please email me

DEC 9 2023: IM A BUSY BEE!!!! i have sooo much work and tooo many projects going on but i still am tending to this site like a great growing crop. do not fear. BIG THINGS COMING . >. ?

NOV 19-22 2023: new format for art/collection/blog pages in full html / no iframes, negating the formatting issue from before. venipede collection archived! attempting to do joltiks today. if its up tomorrow i will have succeeded (update. i did not.)

NOV 10 2023: collection page is kinda set up and one collection (sewaddles) has officially been archived in full!! i am not sure if i'm 100% on the format. thinking about maybe taking all the collection pages out of the iframe setup so i can format them better? idk. tell me what you think

NOV 9 2023: blog and about pages are no longer sad and empty!!!! two more to go

NOV 8 2023: WE ARE LIVE!!! i have my little website now. long ways to go but!! YAAAYYYY!! expect MUCH more work tmrw. for now i am soooo exhausted

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